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Vianney Carel

I'm passionate of technologies and curious in everything. Now working as a freelance Web developer, I love making beautiful products. And for what it's worth, I find a lot of beauty into simplicity.

Fullstack developer Pathoquest (freelance)
Agile developer Orange MBS (freelance)
Senior developer Kompass (freelance)
Master of science at ISEP

Languages and development tools

  • Javascript ES6, Node.js, Python, Java, C, C++, shell
  • Gulp, Grunt, Rake
  • Git, SVN
  • Atom, IntelliJ, Eclipse

Web application development

  • HTML5, CSS3, Babel.js
  • React, Flux, Meteor, jQuery, browserify
  • Stylus, Less, Bootstrap
  • Mocha, Chai, QUnit, Zombie.js, Selenium
  • Other js micro-frameworks


  • Docker, Ansible, AWS, Nginx, Linux


  • Mongodb, Redis, SQL

What i do

I develop applications, I design solutions.

Creative solutions

I find simple and efficient solutions matching the best your business needs.

User-friendly design

Focus on the user first, and everything else follows.

Fully responsive

I make fully responsive designs, supporting mobile devices to good-old desktop screens.


Your applications will be solid and sustain the trafic you can expect for your business. Performance and stability are not an option.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


7 Happy clients

many cups of coffee

not so many lines of codes

few emails

4200 tweets

Pricing plans

All pricing plans are formulated per day and may be revised depending on specific mission requirements.

Web development

  • Long duration
  • Agile development
  • Can lead dev team
  • Devops oriented
  • Not available outside Paris area

IT expertise

  • Short duration (< 15 days)
  • Design solution architecture
  • Solve hot production issues
  • Can move abroad


Youcef Ramdane

Head of Enterprise IT at Vodafone

No need to sell Vianey's capabilities too long, just set the expectations and observe the results.

Lionel Boutet

Project Manager at Capgemini

Vianney did a really great job on my project. Clean and fast J2EE developments, so that he rapidly managed a small developers team. He is also calm and friendly, I'll work with him again with pleasure.

Jochen Cordes

Senior Consultant at Red Hat

I used to work with Vianney on several projects. He has great technical and communication/social skills, is very flexible and together we have managed to deliver challeging projects. If you want a reliable person, Vianney is the one to put on your team.

Contact me
+33 (0)6 01 99 87 50